Oru Adaar Love , trending video on YouTube India. Watch full song and trailer for movie.

See how Priya Prakash Varrier (actress) impresses millions of hearts with just a Wink , Nod and a smile .

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Rare lunar eclipse offers glimpse of “super blue moon”


Many parts of the globe may catch a glimpse Wednesday of a giant crimson moon, thanks to a rare lunar trifecta that combines a blue moon, a super moon and a total eclipse.

The spectacle, which NASA has coined a “super blue blood moon,” will grace the pre-dawn skies in the western United States, as the moon crosses into the shadow of the Earth and turns blood red.


“Weather permitting, the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii will have a spectacular view of totality from start to finish,” said Gordon Johnston, a lunar expert at NASA.

Other parts of the world, including Australia and Asia, will see it at night, as the moon comes up in the west.

“The last time a complete lunar cover-up took place on the second full Moon of the month was December 30, 1982, at least as reckoned by local time in Europe, Africa, and western…

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black pearl

I knew it from the start, that i was just another fish in the water for you

But they say, heart is something you can’t control, eventually i fell for you

You flood my brain with all the thoughts that can never be true,

That’s ok, cause at least in my thoughts i am with you

With each  passing day, i will love you even more

But It hurts to know that you will never look at me,

the way i look at you

Your eyes, reflects everything i need

Do you ever close those eyes, and think of me?

That sweet and innocent voice of yours, better than any music

That smile of yours, most beautiful jewelry you can wear

i wonder: once, maybe only once, i was reason behind it

Sometimes, i feel like a bird trapped in a cage,

wanting to scream how i feel to the…

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How can we Call anonymously(without displaying our number) to any one?

You are willing to call anyone and you also want that the receiver won’t know your number , now we have the solution for this dilemma. Now let me introduce you to this trick , For it you will have to follow the listed steps:-

◆You will have to install a app called Indycall from Google play store.


◆After opening the app , accept it’s

terms and conditions



◆After accepting terms and conditions , it will ask access for phone contacts , after receiving the access you will see a key-pad similar to your phone’s dial-pad


On your screen.

◆Dial the number , whom you will to talk . But remember type the country code where you are calling before dialing the number else your number will be displayed on the receivers phone .

Successfully checked and used by millions of users in India .

My review :- ★★★★

Because you will have to see a add at every step before placing a call.

Thanks for reading.