How to boost your phone’s charging speed.

How renowned your smartphone brand may be , but it is often seen that problems like slow charging takes birth in the phone. Have you ever tried to know why it happens? Then let me tell you some important and small tips related to your smartphone whose ignorance could lead you face the problem of slow charging in your phone –

• Try to charge your phone with the same charger which came with smartphone ( or the original charger ) . This keeps your phone and your battery in the same condition as before and even your phone will charge with good speed.

•Switch the Airplane mode of your phone while charging, this closes the features like internet , GPS etc. Thus boosting the charging speed.

•Switch the battery saving mode (pre-installed) while charging.

•Minimize the brightness of phone while charging.

These steps could Improve the problem the problem of slow charging considerably.

Thanks for reading the post .

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