How to boost your 4G connection? Increase your Jio SIM speed .

After the debut of Reliance Jio in the market every one of us praised it’s speed , but since a few days it’s speed has been reduced from then when compared to what it was during it’s debut . To tell you that most of the time our data speed is reduced because of our own phone settings. So today , let us know about some settings which could improve your 4G data speed. For this you would have to follow the listed settings :-


First click on your phone’s ‘settings’ . Then click on ‘Network Settings’ , by clicking on this a option named as ‘Preferred Network’ will appear , click on it and select the ‘LTE’ option in it .


Open ‘Phone Settings’ , by clickinglick on ‘Access Point Name’ option , you will see option of ‘APN PROTOCOL’ Select it and change your protocol to ‘ IPV 4 / IPV 6 ‘ . If you use internet while roaming then click on ‘ Roaming Protocol ‘ and change it to ‘ IPV 4 / IPV 6 ‘.


Below ‘APN PROTOCOL SETTINGS’ you will find a ‛BEARER SETTING’ option , click on it and find and select only the ‛ LTE ’ option .


Android O.S. developes many files on it’s own , these files are known as Cache files . If they become large in size then effect the data speed by reducing it . In this case you will have to delete these Cache files from settings (settings –> storage–> Cache files–> clear Cache ).

To increase your data speed , you need to follow the written steps .

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