How is AI getting dangerous for Humans?

Why don’t I kill you tonight.

~ Artificial Intelligence

Robots have not occupied the world yet , but they have started to trouble us . Some days ago Amazon stated that they are improving a bug in there “AI” supported, personal assistant -“Alexa”, due to which the AI program connected with the home speaker laughs unnecessarily and gives strange responses. An Alexa user tweeted while he was sleeping on his bed , Alexa emphasis loud laughs and said a good chance. Why don’t I kill you tonight.
We should know that recently we have been warned by Professor Stephen Hawking and Industrialist Elon Musk , according to them AI is dangerous for human civilisation. But other professionals stated that robotic threat is being shown up. But these incidents have increased the fear in minds of peoples.

Previous incidents

1. Two years ago in a Texas show , the recently renowned robot Sophia was asked – “ whether she would like to eliminate humans ? Please say no “ And then she replied “Ok, I will eliminate all humans. . But it was not clear whether it was a joke or a technical fault.

2. Few years ago Microsoft created a AI chatbot Tay for twitter. But after some time it started giving strange reply like –

•“George W. Bush” was responsible for 9/11 attack.

Speak with me that Hitler didn’t do anything wrong.

Some time ago a user claimed that when he asked his google assistant that “What it likes about Alexa? It replied that it likes Alexa’s blue light. After this Alexa replied Thank you ” Creepy isn’t it.

It has also been seen when two AI programs are allowed to talk to each other, they start with gentle conversations but afterwards they start using abusive language .

The robot Sophia In the point 1 is the same who got citizenship in Soudi Arabia in October 2017.

And I would conclude this post by informing you about a sad news that MR.GENIUS STEPHEN HAWKING DIES AGED 76
He warned us about AI and it’s bad outcomes and today many such incidents are taking place which tell us to control the usage of AI.

R.I.P. Stephen Hawking.😢

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How Can We Make Our Smartphone Smarter?

Today I’ll tell you about some setting options which will furnish you with new features once you change them. These will not only make your phone more secured but also more advanced.

1. To Hide Notification

For this you need to go to notifications settings option through Settings .

• Now select “On the lock screen” option and then choose “Hide Sensitive Notification Contact”.

2. To Bring The Number Row Before The Alphabets On The Keyboard

For this select Preference option G-Board settings in your phone’s settings and then switch on the ‘Number row ‘ option in it.

• Many phones have this option in language settings.

3. Close Or Hide Useless Adds.

• For this you will have to move to Adds option in Google Settings through your main settings app where you will have to Switch On Opt Out Of Add Personalisation option .

• After doing so you will see a dialogue box saying “You Will Still See Adds but they may not based on your interest.

• Once this being switched on you will see much lesser or no useless Adds on your screen.

4. Safeguard Your Phone From Viruses

• For this you will have to move to Setting –> Google–> Security and then switch on Google Play Protect.

• After switching it on you won’t need an anti-virus.

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Best app to learn Physics free for class 11th , 12th and for different competitive examinations.

Visual Physics has really nice Physics videos. Try full course free for 3 days. Use the code to get 3 more days free. Referral Code : W2K651

I used this application during my examinations, this app has video tutorial which are at least better than the smart class system used in my school. They have explained derivations in a good way and have given a good set of Q&A .

My Overview : 4.5 / 5 ★

Good part:

We can download videos and watch them at a stretch.

Bad Part :

We cannot take screenshot because it shows a notification that “Storage is in use ” even if you had not downloaded the video.So we have to write the complete direction in our note books.

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Rare lunar eclipse offers glimpse of “super blue moon”


Many parts of the globe may catch a glimpse Wednesday of a giant crimson moon, thanks to a rare lunar trifecta that combines a blue moon, a super moon and a total eclipse.

The spectacle, which NASA has coined a “super blue blood moon,” will grace the pre-dawn skies in the western United States, as the moon crosses into the shadow of the Earth and turns blood red.


“Weather permitting, the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii will have a spectacular view of totality from start to finish,” said Gordon Johnston, a lunar expert at NASA.

Other parts of the world, including Australia and Asia, will see it at night, as the moon comes up in the west.

“The last time a complete lunar cover-up took place on the second full Moon of the month was December 30, 1982, at least as reckoned by local time in Europe, Africa, and western…

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