black pearl

I knew it from the start, that i was just another fish in the water for you

But they say, heart is something you can’t control, eventually i fell for you

You flood my brain with all the thoughts that can never be true,

That’s ok, cause at least in my thoughts i am with you

With each  passing day, i will love you even more

But It hurts to know that you will never look at me,

the way i look at you

Your eyes, reflects everything i need

Do you ever close those eyes, and think of me?

That sweet and innocent voice of yours, better than any music

That smile of yours, most beautiful jewelry you can wear

i wonder: once, maybe only once, i was reason behind it

Sometimes, i feel like a bird trapped in a cage,

wanting to scream how i feel to the…

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Call anonymously to any one. Wish your ‘Crush’ a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” secretly.

You are willing to call anyone and you also want that the receiver won’t know your number , now we have the solution   for this dilemma. Now let me introduce you to this trick , For it you will have to follow the listed steps:-

◆You will have to install a app called Indycall from Google play store.


◆After opening the app , accept it’s

terms and conditions



◆After accepting terms and conditions ,   it will ask access for phone contacts , after receiving the access you will see a  key-pad similar to your phone’s dial-pad


On your screen.

◆Dial the number , whom you will to talk . But remember type the country code where you are calling before dialing the number else your number will be displayed on the receivers phone .

Successfully checked and used by millions of users in India .
My review :- ★★★★
Because you will have to see a add before placing a call.

Thanks for reading.
And wish you a very “HAPPY NEW YEAR” .


How to boost your phone’s charging speed.

How good may be your smartphone brand,  but it is often seen that problems like slow charging occurs in the phone. Have you ever tried to know why is it happening? Then let me tell you some important and small tips related to your smartphone whose ignorance could lead you face the problem of slow charging in your phone –

• Try to charge your phone with  the same charger which came with smartphone ( or the original charger ) . This keeps your phone and your battery in the same condition as before and even your phone will charge with good speed.

•Switch the Airplane mode of your phone while charging, this closes  the features like internet , GPS etc. Thus boosting the charging speed.

•Switch the battery saving mode (pre-installed) while charging.

•Minimize the brightness of phone while charging.

These steps could Improve the problem the problem of slow charging considerably.

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Merry Christmas

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How to boost your 4G connection? Increase your Jio SIM speed .

After the debut of Reliance Jio in the market every one of us praised it’s speed , but since a few days it’s speed has been reduced from then when compared to what it was during it’s debut . To tell you that most of the time our data speed is reduced because of our own phone settings. So today , let us know about some settings which could improve your 4G data speed. For this you would have to follow the listed settings :-


First click on your phone’s ‘settings’ . Then click on ‘Network Settings’ , by clicking on this a option named as ‘Preferred Network’ will appear , click on it and select the ‘LTE’ option in it .


Open   ‘Phone Settings’ ,                              by clickinglick on ‘Access Point Name’ option , you will see option of ‘APN PROTOCOL’  Select it and change your protocol to ‘ IPV 4 / IPV 6 ‘ . If you use internet while roaming then click on       ‘ Roaming Protocol ‘ and change it to      ‘ IPV 4 / IPV 6 ‘.


Below  ‘APN PROTOCOL SETTINGS’ you will  find a ‛BEARER SETTING’ option , click on it and find and select only the    ‛ LTE ’ option .


Android O.S. developes many files on it’s own , these files are known as Cache files . If they become large in size then effect the data speed by reducing it . In this case you will have to delete these Cache files from settings (settings –> storage–> Cache files–> clear Cache ).

To increase your data speed , you need to follow the written steps .

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